Ah, This Scorching Summer! Get Rid of Unwanted Hairs With Our Waxing Services

Since summer is knocking at the door, it’s time to enjoy poolside parties or go and enjoy on beaches wearing swimsuits or backless and shorts or sleeveless!
Thus it is important to get a smooth and glowing skin to flaunt your perfect body having soft skin.  To get such a skin, the simplest method is ‘waxing’ – get rid of unwanted hairs throughout your body.

There are several ways to remove hairs, but the preferable way is waxing – many professionals recommend waxing as the best method to remove hairs because it gives you soft, smooth and silky skin with minimum side effects. Moreover, Divine Threading has available products and different wax treatment services to offer which is suitable for every skin types.

Enjoy Your Waxing At Divine Threading

We have well-trained aestheticians who remove unwanted hairs from the root using waxing method. Whether you prefer hard wax or soft wax, we only use best products for wax and strips to maintain your skin health and get your wax done without irritation. Our post waxing service – (apply cream/lotion) to avoid burning sensations, redness or swelling, you will feel like nothing happened within just a few seconds!

Come and experience our service and you can start enjoying your summer right away!

Are you thinking why Divine Threading for waxing?

Well, let me tell you we have a friendly atmosphere to make you feel relaxed, you can even take a small nap closing your eyes while having waxing treatment because you are in the expert’s hand, so no need to worry. Our high-quality waxing treatment gives you optimum results with less or no pain.

Precautions before Waxing

Are you planning for a waxing treatment? Before making an appointment make sure you have your hairs grown enough about one quarter to remove from the roots. Shorter hairs may not get removed properly. Exfoliate your skin before coming and wear loose fitting clothes that soothes your skin. If you have wounds or infection do not consider waxing.

Precautions after Waxing

We advise you to not use any lotion/cream on your own immediately after wax because pores are open and might cause irritation if used. We help you relieve from redness or swelling if occurred due to waxing by applying our dermatologist specialized cream on your skin.  It gives you quick relief from pain and closes the pores to avoid penetration of bacteria. For 24 hours do not take a warm bath or have direct exposure to sun because the freshly waxed skin is delicate and soft, it needs to be protected.

We pamper and care you from head to toe with our affordable waxing treatment.

We recommend you to plan your next appointment after 3 weeks (if you have faster hair growth tendency) or can stretch up to 8 weeks for a lesser volume of hair growth.

During summer, it is extremely important to remove undesirable hair because excessive sweat accumulation in hairs can cause infections; especially private areas. Keep your body clean and sweat free when the weather is warm.Hair removal treatment can give your immense pleasure and keeps you cool in the mid-year.

At Divine Threading, we give you personal attention and care and create an environment that you completely feel pampered and enjoy hassle-free hair waxing treatment.

Get in touch with us today to book your appointment and get silky smooth skin!