Back To School Bash: Let’s Fix A Beauty Appointment!

back to school offer

Divine Threading Salon is up with a bunch of new offers and services at the beauty station. Professional expert services who have rendered good skin-nurturing experience and tips to give healthy skin management to the clients.

“It’s beauty that captures attention, Personality that captures hearts.”

At Divine Threading, we have Threading experts that can enhance your eyebrow shape to complement one’s features. An ancient hair removal technique that efficiently removes detain hair from the roots. It is more effective and less painless beauty treatment then waxing, skin allergy pron best option for sensitive skin. Threading service removes fine hairs that are sometimes missed with waxing or tweezing.

Special Back To School Bash Offer: 50% off on next visit to the salon for beauty services like Threading, Waxing, Henna Tattoo.

Professional waxing beautician are available at the salon to exfoliate your skin by removing the surface layer of dead skin cells and have a better grip on those unwanted hairs. There are two kinds of wax hard and soft.  Hard wax is used on body parts like bikini, facial, underarms as it gently removes the hair in these sensitive areas than the other wax. Soft wax is used on body parts like legs and arms. The ingrown hair breakage is reduced by continuous appointment scheduling and it also reduces hair growth after awhile. Give rest to your razors and opt for this less painless

Henna Tattoo is a temporary body art that is acknowledged by the clients at the salon as the designs are inspired ethnically. The design is achieved with free-hand or henna stencil and is applied to the aspired body part. Henna paste is natural and thus harmless it remains on top of the skin and does not penetrate underneath as traditional tattoo would. Painless, temporary way to adorn one’s skin with henna art.

Pamper yourself with our beauty services and avail some exciting offers at the salon. Enhance your beauty and create an impression of fashionistas at your respective schools and colleges. Give your body the required relaxation, soothing and glowing experience after a long holiday outing.

“Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful”