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When occasion like a wedding is celebrated, Henna is considered to be the important aspect of the ceremony. Some of them also organize a special event of a bridal henna party to enjoy the hand and feet decoration with dance, snacks, and drinks. Think to hire a professional henna artist to give a bride and bridesmaids a variety of henna tattoo design and style mismatched from each other. But gone are the days when henna was only used for wedding ceremonies, it has become a part of other ceremonies like baby shower events, engagement ceremony, religious festivals like Karwa Chauth, Eid etc.

Traditionally, Henna is well-known in South Asia and Africa but later on, it gained its popularity in western countries in a form of body decoration. Henna Tattoo is a painless process which can be applied to any part of the body to express yourself with beautiful intrinsic designs. It is natural, temporary and safe to apply anywhere on palms, legs, shoulder, back, and belly to flaunt your beauty with fine body art.

Divine Threading is expert in providing Henna Tattoo Services in Las Vegas giving extensive range of designs from simple to complex, small to extra large design and also based on the customized requirement of clients. We draw free-hand designs, ethnic traditional designs, modern designs, bridal henna and lot more. You can even bring your own ideas along and we can give you the exact matching henna design.

Special Bridal Henna by Divine Threading

Bridal Henna is prevailing since ages, especially for Indians and in other South Asian countries, henna is must during the wedding. Though a tradition of bridal henna is following from ancient time, we can see some latest trends in design and pattern changing every year. It is challenging to get the right bridal henna artist who stays updated with the latest and new beautiful designs, but Divine Threading is famous for bridal henna services in Las Vegas. Our professionals can get you right bridal henna matching your personality, taste and best suitable for the occasion.

How Long Divine Threading takes to apply Henna

Our intrinsic henna design experts can draw simple palm design in just 5 – 10 minutes, while bridal henna on the bride’s hand takes about 6 hours depending on the length of the hand and feet and bridesmaids henna design in just 30 -45 minutes. It is recommended to keep the paste for a longer period of time to get the darker color, once dried it starts shedding automatically.

What is unique about Divine Threading

Divine Threading is a trusted salon in Las Vegas; we use natural henna which is safe for your skin. Our years of experience in applying henna to several clients have made us unique and trustworthy salon because we understand our clients need thoroughly satisfying them with the artistic design they want.  Book your appointment with us to get your Henna Tattoo that you are dreaming of!