Caring for Your Eyelash Extensions – Las Vegas

Caring for Your Eyelash Extensions:

  • The less your extensions are touched, the longer they will last.
  • For the first 24-48 hours: Avoid moisture, steam, sauna, and eye make-up.
  • Every evening after 24-48 hours: Cleanse with OcuSoft Eyelid Cleanser (purchase at our studio) or an OIL-FREE eye make-up remover.  (PS.  If you have to shake it – it’s probably NOT oil free) and LINT FREE wands to remove all debris/make-up/remains of the day from your lash line.  (remember the 1mm space: we need to keep it clean and exfoliated to avoid any issues).
  • After you cleanse your face, use your mascara wand (spoolie) to groom your lash extensions.  Comb through from your eye brows down to your cheek as not to break the adhesive bond.
  • Do not pull on your extensions.  We need to have a natural lash to adhere your extensions.
  • If an extension is turning in the wrong direction: cut it – don’t pull it.  It’s better to have a blunt edge than to lose a natural lash.
  • Avoid any long-wearing, waterproof eye liners and mascaras.   (if it is a day or two before your next fill in and you absolutely must use mascara – please apply to the TIPS only and remove every evening).  The oils in the long-wearing, waterproof eye liners and mascaras impede and degrade the adhesive bond causing your extensions to fall out faster.
  • Avoid all products around the eyes which contain Glycols, Alcohols, and Oils.
  • Be sure to inform massage therapist and esthetician know you are waring eyelash extensions.  Do not allow them to use cream or oil-based products over your eyelash extensions.  Ash them to use LINT FREE eye pads over your eyes when they are performing steam and/or facial massage services.
  • Avoid intense heat and steam (be careful in tanning beds too).
  • Be aware we all have a natural hair shedding cycle and lose 3-5 natural lashes daily.  No worries-it’s totally natural.  You may notice them more now because they have an extension attached to them.
  • DO NOT use an eyelash curler on your extensions – it will break the adhesive bond and your extensions will fall off.
  • Schedule a touch-up appointment every 2-3 weeks to maintain a beautiful, cohesive look to your extensions.


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