Eyebrow Threading – Get The Look You Desire!

In today’s fashion world the trendsetters are setting their fashion game upto the mark by bringing in new cosmetics range and giving new look to one’s face. Eyebrow threading service is an art and not just a technique performed to shape the eyebrows. Let your eyebrows do the talking! Eyes are the major highlight of a female’s facial expressions, they lure the attention of people around. Through threading service, your eyebrows get a new shape and your facial hairs are eliminated, a clear and fair skin is obtained as an end result of this beauty treatment.

If you have never done an eyebrow before; Do not worry… Divine Threading Salon is an authentic place for eyebrow threading. There is always a first time for everyone at our salon expert beauticians take care of your facial attributes. Here is an end to all your queries and worries regarding eyebrow threading.

“The one thing that you can get into shape without exercising.” 

Eyebrow Threading Technique

The beauticians use a twisted cotton thread to grip and yank your hair out at the root. It is more exact than waxing and is quicker than plucking. Less pain is observed than other beauty services, experts work on this service as it needs a lot of patience and accurate shaping art which is performed on an individual’s eyebrows. Hair is removed in a single precise line which allows a greater symmetry and sharp expressional attribute to one’s face. 

A Customer’s Part In The Threading Service

In this procedure, the customer stretches her skin by keeping one hand on the eyelid and the other above the brow. Through this, the skin remains tight and the threading is done fast, the grown hairs are removed easily than tweezing technique. The eyebrow threading service is performed smoothly without any cuts and with minimal pain. 

Observed Redness After The Threading Service

After the service, you may experience a sudden redness in the area treated. Salon has soothing gels which are massaged gently on your brows and it cools your skin.  Makeup is not advisable, it will make an apparent difference of the area which was threaded and the makeup applied will give a horrifying effect for ones.

Essentials For Eyebrow Care

  • Before going for an eyebrow service grow your eyebrows fully.
  • Moisturize daily.
  • Trim regularly.
  • Use a conditioner or a natural oil like coconut, olive oil for faster growth and darker eyebrows.
  • Use an eyebrow gel to keep your hair in place.
  • Fix a shaping schedule.

Our professional threading service will shape your eyebrows and will enhance your facial features. Eyebrow threading is a great way of never plucking your brows again. Visit our salon and get an authentic eyebrow service. We can help you get a perfect look!! Book an appointment now!!

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