Lash Lift : Redefine Your Eyes with Curlier Lashes

The most expressive part of our body is eyes, they are the window to one’s soul. Eyes do wonders when words are not enough for a moment to get freeze. Eyelash Lift is a process which helps to add to this natural beauty. Curly lashes are the end result of lash lift service done by the experts at the beauty salon. Nowadays there is a trend of thick and mushy eyelashes that can outstand the eye makeup too.

How a Lash Lifting takes place?

Eyelash Lifting concept is started by the Kardashian- Jenner Clan when they started posting “Eyelash Lift” on Instagram. It is a process in which silicone pads which contain glue are placed underneath your eyelids to lift your lower lashes. Then they measure your lash length and eyelid before giving a lift to your natural lash. Glue is applied to your lash and is attached to the pad giving a curled and uplifted position. These glued pads are removed as per the hair type of one’s lid. Some get over with it in 6 to 12 minutes and some may take a long time to get the curl. The result obtained is a darker, fuller and curvier eyelid.

Eyelash Lifting is particularly for those people who feel that their eyelashes are short, straight and fall downwards over their eyes. The lashes even after using mascara drop down after some time. This lifting service causes less pain, at the end of the process a slight burning sensation is felt for some minutes. 

Benefits of Lash Lifting:-

  • You get a semi-permanent lift and curl extension in your eyelash
  • Natural lashes stay damage-free
  • No use of lash curler or mascara for future
  • There is no preparation necessary as required in eyelash extension
  • It lasts for good 6 to 8 weeks
  • It consumes less time then eyelash extension
  • Lash Lift service is gloriously low maintenance

Eyelash Lifting gives your face a fresh look and your eyes look bigger than before. At the salon, one should meet the consultant and tell about their requirements before lash lifting service whether they want to use mascara or not, how much you want your lashes to be curled etc. questions are to be asked beforehand to the beautician for better results of the process.

Divine Threading has beauticians who are well trained in Eyelash Lifting & Eyelash Extension services that will beautify your eyes and will set as per your requirement. Consult us and know more about it and other beauty treatments at the salon.

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