Microblading: Get an Expressional Brow and Make Your Own Fashion Statement

A new trend and a talk of the town facial treatment is Microblading, it makes your eyes more expressional and gives a gorgeous facial transformation. This beauty treatment is for semi-permanent brows which perfectly imitates hair in your eyebrows and makes it look thick yet gives you a chic look. After this process, there will be no need of eyebrow makeup products as it gives that many satisfactory results.

Microblading service is for people whose eyebrows are thin, have missing hairs, have sparse patches, encounters hair fall when they use makeup and thus this beauty service gives full and flawless brows. A special pigment is applied on your epidermis and above the dermis in a fine line to mimic real brow hairs. The end result of this service are tiny little hair-like lines that result in natural brows, the process usually takes time of 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the skin type and how much filling in is needed.

Eyebrow area should not have pimples, bruises, cuts or any other infections as the process has to be performed on a clear skin. The beautician working on your eyebrow should know what shape do you want, do you want a thick or semi-thick eyebrow, also the color has to be discussed before the treatment.

Precautions To Be Taken Before The Microblading Treatment:- 

  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours as it increases bruising and thins the blood
  • Avoid fish oil tablets before 4 days of the process as it leads to scabbing and thins the blood.
  • Avoid Vitamin C, E, and flaxseed oil before the treatment
  • Avoid sun exposure and products related to tanning before the treatment
  • Avoid hydrating your skin, drier the skin easier the process

Precautions To Be Taken After The Microblading Treatment:-

  • Avoid wetting your brows for a week
  • Avoid exercising for a week at the gym
  • Prevent your skin from sun exposure
  • Avoid fish oil tablets after the treatment for 4 days.

Flick a Brow And Let The Magic Begin

Eyebrows from the ancient times are a symbol of beauty and war facial expressions speak a lot than words through microblading process one can get their eyebrows right as per their desire and make the world stare at them.

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