Wear The Scariest Look…This Halloween!!

October the Fall month with the winters settling and the vacations reaching period, Halloween is the day that breaks the ice and brings in the vacacy feelings. Go on trick or treat hunt scare your neighborhood with these makeup looks mentioned below.

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The Ghost Look

“Ghost Look” the traditional Halloween feel that keeps the vibes going.  Have a smokey eye look with a different colored lens which gives a spooky look. For a twist be a rabbit ghost girl or a cat ghost girl with a black over on and add some long nails with the outfit for some dramatic representation.

Bloody Zombie

Walking dead is the famous horrifying look on Halloween Day. Wear a pale makeup accompanied with plastic props like hand, leg or skull. Create dramatic entry & Feel the zombie way!!

Spooky Witch

Bewitch with your buddy at the Halloween party. Witches with a broom or a skeleton head decked with long hats and noses with Vampire partners having long teeth & pointed ears. Hold a burning pumpkin candle in one hand and dress in black by drawing different art on your face. Enhance your face with red lipstick and long nails.

Evil Returns

Divide your face into two sections and portray the image of “an evil conquering you” paint your eyes with black-white combination making wrinkles or patches on the face that shows stitches and blood clots. Wear contact lenses which pops your eyes out. Scare the hell out of your neighbors!!

There are some inspirational Halloween Icons like “The Nun”, “Annabelle”, “The Conjuring”, “IT” scariest on the spooky night. Earn some delicious treats or play tricks in the surrounding. Be a “Horror Stunner” at the Halloween Parties you are invited too.


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This Halloween Be The Scariest!!

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